That’s right: FOURTEEN million. Now, that’s a big number. A very big number. A number so mind-bogglingly large we ought to put it into context.{keywords}

Demi now has more followers than the populations of countries such as Tunisia, Belgium, Greece and the Czech Republic. And if you combined the numbers of citizens in Ireland, Croatia, Jamaica and Slovenia, they’d still be outnumbered by Demi Rose’s army by a cool 500,000 people. Impressive, eh?{keywords}

Hitting this figure marks another major milestone for the Birmingham beauty who has had a remarkable journey in the past six years. It was only in 2014 when the babe’s debut shoot appeared in the pages of ZOO – the video of which you can see here:{keywords}

Since then, posts like these have helped Demi rack up her hugely loyal fanbase:{keywords}

So it made complete sense for her to mark the 14 million mark by releasing two new incredibly busty snaps on her page, sH๏τ by glamour pH๏τographer Gavin Glave.{keywords}

Magic. With content like this still coming thick and fast, expect Demi to hit 15 million in double quick time.